Is Commercial Real Estate Due for a Rebound?
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Residential isn’t the only sector on the mend don’t overlook commercial says Bob gray co managing principal of — cat management and he joins me now on set.

— so ask you button first of all welcome thank you is this trend and national want her we still we’re talking Kumar.

Some real estate are we are we still talking pockets of the country.

It is pockets of the country commercial real state has started to recover and always follows residential you see broad based recovery in residential.

For the most part right commercial is taking off where population growth is strongest and where is that typically.

The southern United States has the fastest population growth and we like Florida particularly because it has the fastest population growth and limits on supply.

OK how is supply in the commercial — because when we talk about the housing market.

In terms of the real the residential market that’s the big issue right now they’re not building enough right.

That’s true and it’s it’s the same that the amount of building is very interest thing when you compare it to the pace of population growth — what we see in.

Commercial real estate in Florida particularly as the amount of speculative construction has been anemic for the las…………… continues on Fox Business

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John Legend can add real estate GOD to his long list of accomplishments — the singer just unloaded his NYC condo for a whopping $ 775,000 PROFIT. Yeah, we said PROFIT.

Legend bought the 1,359-square-foot East Village pad for $ 1.9 million back in 2009.

Unfazed by the real estate market, Legend listed the crib a few months ago for $ 2.9 million — and made out like a bandit … selling for $ 2.675 million, according to docs.

The place is sweet too — designed by primo designer Andres Escobar — it’s rockin’ floor-to-ceiling glass walls, awesome NYC views, rooftop deck and swimming pool … where his fiancĂ©e Chrissy Teigen probably swam half-naked.

That sale price makes sense now.

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