Real estate offices add mortgage, specialized services in new market
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News from Marin Independent-Journal:

I WORK IN an industry where reality is an adjective. It is a means to describe a program — ergo the genre that is television these days, “reality TV.” I do sports for a living where the only reality is watching a guy like LeBron James play basketball, then think that you can do the same thing only to learn that’s a nonreality by breaking your entire face attempting to dunk a ball in a basket that is about 4 feet over their heads.

I bring this up because this week I learned another reality: There is nothing “real” about real estate.

This whole saga began with a coffee shop conversation with a friend who said he was looking to downsize. Being as our house falls into that category of “downsized,” I invited him to come, take a look and — if he fell in love — make us an offer. He did. We took it. Done. As clean a deal as you can make in the world of un-real estate.

And then, we, too — looking to downsize our downsized abode — found exactly the right place for us. Yippee skippee, and let’s all grab hands and dance merrily into the sunset throwing daisies in our respective paths.

We stopped just short of singing “Kumbaya.”

All the reports to make certain our house wasn’t infested by mutant wood-chewing beetles or albino rats that had been hiding in dark corners for decade…………… continues on Marin Independent-Journal

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